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          UV LED Curing Solution and Manufacturer, TAOYUAN ELECTRON (HK) LIMITED specializes in the UV LED curing syetem and UV solutions, high power UV LED, UV LED lamps series (UV LED 50W, UV 100W, UV 300W etc ).  Collected advantages of exquisite technology and experienced talents, we are committed to further research and manufacture, to create new UV LED world.

          The factory has passed the certification and operated strictly according to the requirements of authentication system,and our LED Products are characterized with low power consumption, low attenuation, high brightness, long life and so on. 

          TAOYUAN ELECTRON (HK) LIMITED pursues the principle of “Customer First, Customer Supreme”. We have advantage of reasonable price, fast delivery, quality assurance, wide variety of goods. We sincerely hope to cooperate with the merchants in home and abroad and  to create a better tomorrow.

          Taoyuan LED Workshop        Taoyuan LED Workshop        Taoyuan LED Workshop

          Taoyuan LED Certifications

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